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Hi there...my name is Kaycee Weizel. I'm a Professional Licensed Nail Technician servicing clients in the Modesto, California area. I invite you to take a peek at some of my work and browse through my clients testimonials. My goal is to provide my clients with a fabulous experience at a fair price in a safe, sanitary & fun environment! With my collection of hundreds of color & glitter choices the creativity possibilities are limitless. I have to say...I LOVE WHAT I DO!

So, rather than me give you alot of fluff about why you should come in and see me ask yourself...WHY NOT? In today's busy hussle & bustle of everyday life it's important to take the much needed time for yourself. Whether you enjoy keeping your natural nails looking beautiful, prefer the look of artifical nails or want fabulous feet then my services are just for you!

Oh, and don't forget to ask about my ROCKSTAR TOE PARTIES!! They are fun & outragiously fabulous! That's right we bring the fierce & fabulous to you. Invite your closest girlies over to get pampered and "blinged out" with the hottest trend. Your toes will sparkle and shine like nothing you've seen before. Best part is they last at least 4-6 weeks!

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Shellac Nails Modesto

February 15, 2011

Looking for a Salon in Modesto that does Shellac Nails?

I am a professional nail technician in Modesto California and I do Shellac Nails. You can book an appointment here
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I take pride in my work and promise quality.

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When Did Red Nail Polish Begin?

April 18, 2012

Red is a classic nail color that really hasn’t gone out of style since the beginning of nail coloring. Its timeless appeal makes it still a very popular color today.

History of Nail Coloring

The art of coloring nails, hair, and skin dates back to as early as 3000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils, bark, blossoms, and kohl as makeup. They began dipping their nails in henna to dye them a rich, warm red. Queen Nefertiti and Queen Cleopatra took this beauty dedication to a new level by wearing lavish makeup designs and signature scents of essential oils. Chinese, Greeks, and Romans followed suit and also used their own form of cosmetics, including staining or dying hair and nails.

Modern Nail Coloring

The early 20th century sparks a whole new attitude in America. Celebrities with beautiful hair, flawless skin, and meticulously manicured nails were now in the public eye. Radio advertising boomed in the 1920’s and cosmetics were one of the largest sources of revenue. In 1932 Charles Revson of Revlon marketed the very first nail polish. Early formulas were similar to automotive paint. This was the beginning of manicures as we know them today. Women soon had an array of colors to choose from.

And Now…

We have so many options to choose from! Not only do we have traditional nail polish that comes in nearly every color you can think up, we also have other products such as CND’s Shellac that has improved our beauty processes. The first 12 colors of Shellac of course included this classic red color, which they named Wildfire.

One of My Latest Nail Designs Using The Classic Red Color

minnie mouse nail art When Did Red Nail Polish Begin?

I recently posted a tutorial of how I turned a regular set of nails into cute Minnie Mouse Nails. My Minnie Mouse Nail Art was actually by request of a customer. Since doing them they have become very popular!

Author Bio

Emily is a professional nail technician. She currently services clients out of her salon in Eagle Mountain, Utah. She is currently sharing her Nail Art passion with women on a consistent basis through multiple websites that have agreed to feature her work!

Shellac Removal Safety

April 6, 2012

How is Shellac Removed?

The removal process for Shellac is possibly one of its best Shellac safety features. Shellac is removed using either cotton balls or special remover pads soaked in acetone, then wrapped around the nail and covered in aluminum foil. The exposure of acetone to the skin is minimal using this method. Nail technicians should not soak the client’s nails in acetone as this is overly drying.

Is Acetone Safe?

Acetone is actually a very safe chemical when used properly. Ventilation is important when using acetone as inhalation in large quantities can cause irritation. As long as there is enough air flow in the room then there aren’t any known health concerns. Our bodies actually produce a small amount of acetone through normal metabolic processes. Acetone is highly flammable and should be stored with caution.

Will My Nails Be Damaged?

If done correctly, your natural nail should have NO damage during the application and removal of Shellac. The removal process includes 10 minutes of soaking in the acetone cotton or remover wraps. The Shellac then flakes off and any residue can be removed with a cotton pad and acetone.

Shellac Is Safe!

As long as the application and removal process is done by a trained professional, Shellac is safe to apply and remove. Always remember to use CND Solar Oil to keep your natural nails as healthy as possible!

Author Bio

This guest post was provided by Emily Meyers.  Emily is a licensed nail technician that has a salon in Utah.  She provides articles about the nail industry on a consistent bases. Emily would like to thank Kaycee for allowing her to guest post on her salon website.

Pedicures in Modesto California

May 20, 2011

Say Hello to Pedicures in Modesto California

I have four different types of pedicures for you to choose from! Each pedicure will have you thinking that you are in heaven!

First I offer what I call the “Perfect Pedicure” or the perfect modesto pedicure for just $30. It is time to treat those tired feet to a relaxing foot soak, cleaning, cuticle care, scrub, massage & polish.

Second is the “Ooh La La Pedicure” for just $35. This is identical to the perfect pedicure except that is finished off w/a french style polish.

Third is the “Princess Pedicure” for just $20. This is similar to the Perfect Pedicure minus the scrub for those little gals 12 & under.

Fourth is the Rockstar Pedicure for just $55. After enjoying the Perfect Pedicure – Gel & Glitter are applied to your natural nails, cured with a UV light to create the most amazing toes all your friends will envy Lasts at least 6-8 weeks.

I am excited to give you a great Pedicure in Modesto California. Call to book your appointment.